The essence of life is the ability to adapt to change.
If such is true, the La Crosse Club lives. Now over a
hundred and fifteen years alive, the Club has seen La Crosse
change from a river town with mud streets and wood
sidewalks to a small city of great beauty and modernity.

It has seen the recreational needs of its members change
from cigars and checkers; to billiards and bowling; to slot
machines and booze; to gin rummy and poker; to today’s professional meetings and business lunches. Club members also have seen travel change from horse car and steam train to jet airplanes; communications move from telegraph to fax and satellite television.

But the La Crosse Club’s purpose is constant: to provide a comfortable locale for intelligent conversation and relaxing

We, who have been part of its life, salute the La Crosse
Club, its motto, Leisure with Dignity, and its coming
contribution to La Crosse’s vibrant future.

Charles D. Gelatt, President
La Crosse Club
1976 and 1982-1995